A note from Marci

                                                                                                                                                                                     There is a professional bio available as well as nice things others have said about me HERE. I believe that since this is in essence my cyber home, I should first do what I would do if you were coming to me home, and welcome you and let you peer inside my world on a more intimate level.

If you came to my physical house, I would spend all day cooking and creating a feast that would feature all of your favorite foods-even if you didn't know prior to the meal that they were your favorites. I try to do the same thing for every concert.  I carefully create a musical feast that is designed specifically for every audience I play for.  A super talented friend once told me "Your music is like Sushi. At first it seemed a little foreign, but now it's my favorite food." I sincerely hope to become your musical Sushi too!

Aside from preparing musical selections that compliment the environment and people, it is very important to me to make true human connections. The music is the message, but my voice is the carrier. I will always sing completely from my heart. I don't know any other way to do it. I will meet with you after the show, sometimes before depending on the venue and their preferences. I will tell you the truth if you ask me. Mostly because I have a lousy memory and you need a good one to lie. All of my songs tell the truth-not necessarily my truth, but the truth. 

I back myself up on piano or keyboard if a piano is not available. I have also recently taken up guitar after a long sojourn since my childhood (and a brief period of time in the 90's when I played one song on guitar in my band so I could look cool). I am not a pianist-that is the truth. I am a songwriter who plays piano. Believe me, there is a difference. I'm not pointing it out to be self-depricating. I point it out because I have such respect for pianists and it would be insulting for me to consider myself one of them. They are in a different league when it comes to chops. I however have honed my craft of songwriting, and this I am very confident in.

I was a strange kid. Again, I'm not putting myself down. I'm just being honest. I was more interested in collecting "specimens" for my microscope and had little to no interest in playing with dolls. I often felt self-conscious and not cool enough around most kids. I was always distracted by music. My parents have video of me dancing the "Twist" sitting down before I even learned to walk. I played piano by ear at an early age, which was a fun party trick for my parents to share with friends, but proved to make learning to read music very challenging in the future.

I had a very limited listening repertoire. If I loved an album, I would listen to it obsessively over and over for weeks, months, until the grooves wore out or I found  a new album to be obsessed about. I knew I was supposed to learn to play songs from the radio, but my very first musical impulse was to write my own songs. There may have been something wrong with my brain, but I distinctly remember saying to myself after hearing a song I liked on the radio "I can do that."  And so began a long journey of creating and writing without regard for whether or not anyone was actually listening. In fact, in the beginning I was so shy about my music that I would only play if I knew no one could hear me. Obviously, that has changed.

So recently at a conference someone said that your website should let a visitor know what they're going to get if they book me.  Huh?  How do I describe what you'll get without it sounding all puffed up and arrogant? I can tell you that I usually find that I feel instantly at home somewhere, or I don't. Most times, I feel at home. I am fortunate in that even though I have my shy side, and my self-judgmental side, I don't know how to fake it.  I am always 100% me...and this can work for or against me depending on the who's there. 

I believe my music is very much like my personality. I rarely write a straight ahead love song. I tend to be more attracted to the small stories that are so important to the person experiencing them, but may go unnoticed by others. I have a curiosity for the unexplored moments, or journeys. I think my music can be painful but always with an undercurrent of optimism. I think that is because I am ultimately an optimist. I believe in the good in all people...and that sometimes you just have to be patient to see it. 

I am not afraid to tackle uncomfortable topics, or less popular ones. I always want an audience to walk away feeling and thinking. I want them to feel like I trust them enough to share little secrets with them. I want them to feel differently about themselves and maybe even inspired.

So what do you get when you book me? You get a passion-driven creature who expresses herself through song. You get someone who will help you put chairs away and offer to help with the cooking. You get someone who will share her recipe for just about anything. You will get an artist who will get completely emotionally naked without shame. You get someone who makes every single person in the place feel like she sang just for them that night. Because that is what I do. I sing completely and wholeheartedly for you.