Folks I like!

Sonic Underground - The independent label I co-own with Gian DiMauro. We've been in business since 1995, which is quite a feat!

Blue River Promotions - Owned by the greatest radio promoter and all around fabulous person Lisa Grey.

ABoyAGirlAVirus - My amazing friends Shawn Decker & Gwenn Barringer. They are both AIDS/HIV educators who you may have seen on MTV, VH-1, and a bizillion other places. They're so cool, that there is a new documentary coming out about them!

Meridian Anthology - My very talented Mom publishes a wonderful anthology of contemporary poetry. I am so completely proud of her and know that if you enjoy poetry you will be impressed too!

Jude Johnstone - My good friend and remarkably talented singer/songwriter.

Where Fore Arts - Tom & Robin are not only good friends, but the talented team that produces the amazing online show "After Dinner"

Gathering Time - Another fine trio comprised of three of my silliest and talented friends:-)

Joe Iadanza - My buddy and talented singer/songwriter who has a new cool band!

Grounds & Sounds - A FABULOUS coffee house series right here in Stony Brook with an open mic, yummy goodies to eat and wonderful music!

Pennylane Productions - Adam was the keyboardist in Blackmore's Night. Great guy, super talented, and has a video production company on L.I. that is awesome!

Peter Parente - I had the honor of playing with this amazing guitarist in January 2004 at CSN Miami. Heck of a player and what a great guy!

Fair Trade Coffee Company - A socially conscious, green and sustainable business owned by Ahree Maros who also produces the fabulous Coffee with Conscience & Powerful Woman of Song Series.