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Pinch of Salt, Dash of Reverb
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Marci's first cookbook "Pinch of Salt, Dash of Reverb" is chock full of her recipes and hints on how to spark YOUR inner Chef. Written with easy to follow instructions for the first-time cook, as well as more advanced options for the seasoned home-chef. The book gives options for vegetarians, those counting calories and even for gluten-free.

We all know Marci Geller is best known for being a singer/songwriter with a lofty resumé. She has toured internationally, has performed on national television, and has numerous soundtrack placements.

When not on the road, friends and family enthusiastically enjoy her talents in the kitchen. Her cooking techniques were honed during childhood, as well as being influenced by her worldly travels. Frequent requests were made for her recipes, to which she replied: “I cook the way I make music, by ear!”

When her food started gaining attention on social media and the demands for “how-to” increased, she started documenting her creations. Realizing that she could quantify her ideas, she knew it was time to start the journey of writing her first cookbook.

Whether you’re looking for ideas to spark new meals, or have never endeavored in the kitchen, Pinch of Salt, Dash of Reverb provides a template for anyone who desires to cook. So, go ahead . . . challenge yourself . . . cook something new and then stuff your face. You won’t regret it!

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